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An Irish Night at the Castle: The Living and the Dead

6pm, Friday August 23rd, 2019

The second annual Irish Gala will be held at Dunafon Castle in Kittredge. The event is a fundraiser to support the efforts of Irish Network Colorado (INCO) to erect a memorial in Evergreen Cemetery in Leadville honoring the thousands of Irish immigrants who died there unknown in the late 19th century.

The Catholic-Free section of the cemetery has 1500-2000 unmarked and sunken graves dating from the late 1800’s, most belonging to Irish immigrants, many of whom were miners and who died as a result of their terrible working and living conditions. The proposed memorial will tell the history of this Irish community and also memorialize those buried there, placing their lives into a larger context that represents the story of Irish immigrants throughout the Rocky Mountain mining region in the 19th century.

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Please consider supporting this effort to honor the memory of those Irish immigrants who came to Colorado in search of a better life, who died here trying to find it, and who deserve not to be forgotten.

Dunafon Castle in Kittredge

Evergreen Cemetery in Leadville

Learn more about the Evergreen Cemetery in Leadville in this Irish Times article

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