**HOSTED BY: Rocky Mountain Irish Roots Collective with Dr. Jim Walsh and Professor Patrick O’Sullivan of Irish Diaspora Studies at London Metropolitan University**
An Open Invitation for Family Oral Tradition Stories From the Great Hunger. Please share this widely with your networks and Irish circles as we invite participants to share stories and songs that have survived 170 years through the generations.
Please bring a story or song to share.
An Gorta Mor, The Great Hunger, 1845-1852, lives in the Genetic Memory and Oral Tradition of Irish people throughout the world. Perhaps no other event has had a more profound impact on Irish history as the devastating starvation, disease, exile, and indifference that forever shifted the landscape of Ireland and North America.
Professor O’Sullivan will share his interest in the interface between academic research and community action; thus we will end our time together by imagining how this historical tragedy speaks to the present day, to those who experience exile, dispossession, hunger, family separation today and what we can do to engage in our own communities.