February 1st – Feast of St Brigid’s – A Little Irish History and Tradition for You!

Feb 1st is the feast of St Brigid.  Here's a little history and tradition about her: Brigid of Kildare (c. 451–525) was a nun and abbess who founded several monasteries in Ireland. Brigid is the patron saint of babies, midwives, children whose parents aren't married, scholars, poets, travelers (especially those who travel by water), and [...]

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Liam leaving Ireland and arriving in Loveland, CO From Co. Wicklow, Ireland to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the centerpiece for the Miners Memorial that will be placed in Evergreen Cemetery, Leadville, Colorado has arrived safely in Loveland, CO. Affectionately known as Liam O’Sullivan, named after the son of sculptor Terry Brennan from Dublin, Ireland [...]

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An Irish Night at the Capital: The Living and the Dead

A wonderful afternoon and evening was had by all on Sunday October 24th, 2021 at the INCO Annual Fundraiser hosted by the owners of the Celtic On Market, Noel Hickey and his lovely wife Wendy Evans Hickey. Over 120 people, dressed to the nines, showed up to support this great event. We began with a [...]

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Annual General Meeting for Irish Network Colorado

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting on Sunday, October 10th at 4pm. We will review the past year and Members will elect the Board of Directors. This is an opportunity for members to participate in planning for our organization for the coming year. We will make a decision in the next couple of [...]

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December 2020 Update on the Leadville Irish Miners’ Memorial

December 2020 Update on the Leadville Irish Miners’ Memorial The mound that will be the foundation of the centerpiece sculpture and been completed and will settle over the winter. A second load of soil was delivered and bedded into place by our talented excavator/molder Nathan, just as the first snow arrived in Leadville. Check out [...]

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2020 Irish Network Colorado – Virtual Events

2020 Irish Network Colorado - Virtual Events Over the past few months we have had a couple of well attended virtual events. First was the Finding Motherland event with Helen Thorpe. Helen spoke about life on a dairy farm in Ireland where her mother grew up and her family's decision to immigrate to the United [...]

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