Hello, Irish and Irish-American Friends, and Friends of Ireland!

Tá súil againn go bhfuil sibh ag baint taitnimh as an aimsir faoi lathair – tá athrú ag teacht!
We hope you are enjoying the weather at the moment – there is a change coming!

Come enjoy an historic walk with Dennis Gallagher in a couple of weeks, and our Christmas Party is just 2 months away! 

Historic Fall Amble around Globeville with Dennis Gallagher – Irish Network Colorado

Date: Sunday, October 20, 2019
Time: 1pm
Location: Globeville, 517 E. 46th Avenue, Denver, CO 80216

Join our Irish Network for an historic and unique tour of Globeville – one of the oldest neighborhoods in Denver. It will be a celebration of the culture, traditions and architecture of immigrants who settled here in the late 1800s from Eastern Europe.

The walking tour will be led by distinguished civic leader, academic, historian, author and raconteur Dennis Gallagher. This will be our fourth historical tour after wonderful tours of the old Irish Neighborhoods in the Highlands as well as ones in Riverside and Fairmount Cemetery.

We will gather for the tour at 1pm on Sunday, October 20th outside St. Joseph’s Polish Church which was built in 1902. The tour will then continue to nearby Holy Rosary Church which was built in 1919 to serve the Slovenian and Croatian communities in Globeville.

After that we will meet with local storyteller Bob Padboy who has almost a century of memories, now in his mid nineties. He is the oldest Globeville resident and his family came from Slovenia.

Next stop on the walking tour will be Argo Park, Denver CO which was dedicated as a park 10 years before Globeville came into existence in 1880. It has a colorful history and includes a memorial honoring Globeville residents who were killed in WW1 and WW2.

The final stop on the tour will be the Holy Transfiguration of Christ Orthodox Cathedral which was the first Slovak church built in Colorado in 1898. There we will hear stories from Archpriest David Thatcher whose mother was Irish.

Afterwards we will retire to a restaurant for libations. We will announce that location on our website shortly.

Click here to view all tour locations on a map.

Our last two tours were sold out so we would advise you to purchase your tickets early.