Second Irish Night at the Castle a Huge Success – Fundraiser for Leadville Irish Miners’ Memorial

On August 23rd, 150 guests attended the second annual Irish Night at the Castle at Dunafon Castle in Kittredge.  Fast becoming the premier Irish event of the year, the Gala was hosted by Noel Hickey and Wendy Evans, owners of The Celtic on Market Tavern. The event raised $30,0000 in support of INCO’s Evergreen Cemetery project in Leadville.  The project, also funded by a grant from the Irish Government, is focused on telling the story of Irish miners and their families who came to Leadville (primarily from Cork and West Cork) in search of better lives. Approximately 1100 souls are buried in sunken and unmarked graves in the Leadville Cemetery.  

The combination of the grant from the Irish Government and two years of successful galas hosted by Noel and Wendy has resulted in more than $86,000.  INCO is incredibly grateful to Noel and Wendy and to all who attended the gala in support of the Leadville project.